Blind info:

Wooden venetian blinds:
Wooden venetian blinds is a very elegant blind for both the office and home.With a modern natural look,manufactured with heavy duty rail system and colour coordinated controls,for a smooth opperation.Manufactured with Basswood quality timber in a wide variety of colours.

Aluminium venetian blinds:
Aluminium venetian blinds is made to measure with both aluminium headrail and bottom rails,which is suitable for coastal areas and a perfect blind for the bathroom and kitchen.Adjusting the blind can give you different degrees of light control,during any time of day.

Bamboo blinds:
Bamboo blinds is a option for a more natural rustic look in any window in the house or office.Bamboo has lift options for roman fold or just normal roll up,manufactured with a multi cord lock and guide pulleys for a smooth opperation.

Vertical blinds:
Vertical blinds is most comonly used at sliding doors and large windows,is great for light control blocking out the sun and can be adjusted for minumim or maximum light filtering.With stacking options in the open position for Right,Left,Both sides or simply in the middle.

Roller blinds:
Roller blinds is manufactured from durable modern fabrics too suit your needs for blockout or light filtering for any room.Made with a spring roll or chain control system,it is easy to use and very effective.

Blind care:
We recomend that Wood venetian blinds must regulary be dusted,with either vacuum cleaner with a soft brush or with a feather duster.Aluminium venetians can be cleaned in similar way,or with a soft sponge and luke warm water.

Raising and lowering of venetian blinds:

With slats fully open,draw the cords vertically down until the desired height is reached,then incline the cords slightly outwards to lock in position.

Pull cords towards the centre of the blind and release the cord gently through the hand until drop required is reached.Lock cord as is raising.


In each hand hold the open ended cords and slowly pullin a downwards direction on one of the cords,this will tilt the angle of the slats.By pulling the other cord downwards the angle of the slats will move in reverse direction.

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